VM Data Recovery Data Recovery From Virtual Machine (VMWare)...

Partition Recovery, File Recovery and other Data Recovery from Virtual Machine (VMWare)...

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VM Data Recovery - Virtual Machine Data Recovery Software Under Windows...

VM Data Recovery is compatible with following operating systems: Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000.


Base Features

VM Data Recovery is low level data recovery software using many and complex recovery algorithms. Built-in recovery mechanisms make the whole process appears to be simpler and it is possible to recover the data, which other programs can not handle.


Supported File Systems

VM Data Recovery may detect and recover partitions in following systems: NTFS (supported recovery and detection of partition start with backup boot sector data), FAT32/FAT16/FAT12 (Recovery/fixing using FAT32 backup boot sector), Ext2/Ext3, ReiserFS, HPFS. Additonal support for NTFS: NTFS encrypted files (EFS), NTFS compressed files NTFS metafiles.



VM Data Recovery is high optimized, fast and intelligent application. You may explore files while scanning.